Who the hell is Digital Rishabh?

Hey folks, I am Rishabh Maheshwari, the founder of Digital Rishabh. It is a platform through which I will be sharing as much as possible knowledge and information related to Digital Marketing, E-commerce and Brand building.

You might be wondering how can I tell so much about these topics Right? Ok, so let me introduce myself to you!

I completed my Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering in the year 2019. As coming from an engineering background, I always thought of starting some kind of business on my own, so I did some research and tried to implement some of them practically. It was my second year of college, where I started my own website through which I used to target people globally. And with the right marketing strategy from the beginning, my site became so popular in the first few months and I began earning thousands of dollars a month. That was the time where I got more passionated for being an entrepreneur and start my own businesses. After this site, I started a dropshipping store, helped different start-ups in terms of promotion and lead generation. This is how my college life got over.

After college, currently, I am running my E-commerce businesses as well as working as a freelancer in the field of digital marketing. My ultimate goal of starting this blog is to share as much as possible knowledge with everyone who is willing to start his/her career in one of these fields.

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