Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Business in 2020

A digital marketing strategy is an important part of the overall marketing strategy for any business in 2020. 

Small business marketing for a local company, includes more offline local advertising method but needs to include digital marketing strategies to maximize sales in today’s economy.

Don’t just rely on my words. Here are some small stats.

Okay, so here are some stats that should by itself be enough to have any small business owner invest in digital marketing.

According to RetailDive, 87% of buyers started looking for products to buy online. It is a massive market size not to be part of, and the biggest reason why you should invest in digital marketing.


If yes, then reading ahead…

What strategies to apply in 2020?

Well, this article will discuss the top 5 digital marketing strategies that will help small businesses to sustain in 2020 & further.

There are 5 main areas of online marketing that are of interest to small businesses.

Some of them are important to offline & local businesses while others are more effective for online businesses.

Let’s start with this…

Search Engine Marketing

This portion of marketing is crucial for small businesses as it gives you the chance to compete with larger companies by being visible in google search engines. The almost entire population in the world use search engines to find products and services both online and locally, so it is important that your company place higher in search results for the keywords that relate to what products or services you are selling. Many big digital marketing companies offer this service in the name of SEO. This helps to make your site visible to those looking for your products when using the search engine.

Local Search Marketing

This type of marketing is based on location. Basically, it is Google where your business can be listed along with mapping and address information giving the prospective customer when they need to visit your physical location. Your phone number, a website address can also be listed here.

Content Marketing

This type of marketing gives potential custom information about your product or service, as well as general information. Everyone is just trying to sell, but what makes you stand out of the competition when you can inform about your product that you are trying to sell. People will be starting building trust with your company and this instills confidence in the consumer.

Social Media Marketing

 Everyone talks about social media, but the fact is that it can be different for companies to integrate social media with their businesses. This type of media is used, depends upon the type of business you have. The most important aspect of social media is to strengthen your customer base to achieve repeat sales.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is crucial to small business online or offline. It is about building a list of prospective customers. This list of name and email are people who are interested in your business. They are offered future updates on products as well as a coupon to sign up. It becomes more valuable as the list grows. Many marketers consider this as a long term Digital Marketing Strategies.

If you have a small business, then you have to consider all those five digital marketing strategies. 

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